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  1. Does have a mailing address?
    Our mailing address is:
    208 Reinecke
    Lincoln, CA 95648
  2. Is there a return policy?
    We guarantee 100% safe delivery on all items. For any returns or cancelations, we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee. At the companies discretion we'll allow up to a 30 Day Return from date of purchase along with the right to charge a 20% restocking fee. In some case the customer is responsible for the return shipping and packaging costs. The items need to be received in the condition they were sent.
  3. Do you have a privacy policy?
    Yes, our privacy policy is available here.
  4. What is your delivery time?
    In most cases, domestic shipping is by Fedex or UPS Ground, and is included in the price of each item. Items require varying shipping time depending on inventory, custom packing requirements and other variables. Every effort will be made to expedite delivery of your purchase. Please contact us if you require more detailed shipping estimates.
  5. How long has been presenting neon beer signs on the Internet? has been offering beer signs through the Internet since the end of 1995.
  6. Where does obtain the items offered on the website? has a network of selected, independent, neon beer sign dealers located across the USA. is always looking for new sources. To become a dealer you must have your own sources for neon signs. E-mail us if you are interested at
  7. Are these signs the real neon signs that I see in the stores advertising beer, or other beverages?
    Yes, the signs offered by and its dealer network are the exact commercial models seen in the stores.
  8. How many neon signs and collectibles are in stock? has hundreds of signs and collectibles in stock. However, not all of the brands and models of signs are available at the same time.
  9. Does have a showroom where I can view these signs?
    No. There is no showroom.
  10. Do you have more signs and collectibles than are pictured on the web site?
    Yes. There are many more signs and collectibles available than shown on the web site. Breweries come out with new models regularly, and there are signs and collectibles from smaller breweries available. We add items regularly.
  11. Are the items on your website used or new?
    Most of the items are used, but some are new. 
  12. Do you have a printed price list of all of the beer signs and collectibles you can send me?
    No. Any printed price list would be out of date the next day because of sales, availability, etc.
  13. What forms of payment do dealers accept?
    For domestic sales we accept cashier checks, money orders, and credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex). All internationial sales require wire transfers. 
  14. What happens if the item is broken in shipment?
    Safe delivery is guaranteed. If the item is broken, it still belongs to us and we stand behind our guarantee.
  15. Are neon signs safe in my home?
    These signs are designed to be plugged into a standard household outlet and do not generate heat.
  16. Where do you get the signs?
    We acquire signs from breweries and sign industries, as well as retail businesses, private collectors and individuals.
  17. Can I get a wholesale quantity for resale? does not offer wholesale pricing for resale. However, discounts are available on large orders.
  18. Is neon dangerous?
    Neon tubing does not operate under high pressure. The operation of a neon sign is similar to cool fluorescent lighting, but operating at a higher voltage. It is only warm to the touch. If a tube breaks, the sign will just not illuminate that section of bent glass between electrodes. Newer electronic transformers have built-in safety features and are much safer that the older, heavy iron-core units. Under normal operation, neon is a safe and energy efficient form of lighting.
  19. How long do neon signs last?
    Neon is designed to last for many years under continuous operation for commercial purposes. In the home, neon lasts even longer.
  20. Is a neon sign damaged if there are dark tube sections dimly lit?
    When a neon sign is first turned on, it takes fifteen to thirty minutes for the sign to become fully bright. Normally there are small variations in the tube diameters which affect brightness. If the problem persists, the sign may need to be "bombarded". That is, a neon shop worker temporarily attaches a higher voltage source and lights the neon sign for a few minutes to redistribute the interior tube coating, or correct any internal mercury migration. That usually solves the problem.
  21. Do you buy  neon signs and other collectibles ?
    Yes, is always looking for signs and other collectables that our customers request. Private collections are a major source for replenishing our inventory.
  22. Do you represent any beer companies? is not affiliated with any brewery.